2019 Artworks are 25% off through December 31, 2019. Paypal button reflects sale price. The bobcat is easily recognizes by its short tail and fringe of fur along its cheeks. It is found throughout the southwest and north into Canada. It prefers areas that provide good cover for hunting and can be found in deserts, grasslands, mountains and urban areas. Bobcats are excellent hunters and will catch a variety of prey including birds, lizards, and rodents; the majority of their diet is rabbits. Although many people think of bobcats as being large, they are considered small cats and are not much larger than the typical housecat.

Bobcat Textile Art Sculpture

Lynx rufus

Various herringbone weave wool fabrics; hand-crocheted wool coat, glass beads, buttons, fiberfill, wire.



Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts //End of Year Sale 2019