Lucifers belong to a group of hummingbird species called “sheartails,” named for their deeply forked, narrow tail. Adult males have a green back with a purple gorget that looks dark when it’s not catching the light. Their chest is a dingy white. Unlike other hummingbirds, which perform courtship displays near feeding areas or perches, the male Lucifer performs at the nest of a female. In the United States, Lucifers are seen from March to September, mostly in AZ/NM Chihuahuan desert foothills and canyons. In winter these birds migrate to central Mexico, where they live in similar scrubby habitats.

Lucifer's Hummingbird

Calothorax lucifer

wool, silk, embroidery threads, glass beads, polymer clay, fiberfill, buttons



Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts // End of Year Sale 2017