Retail price $450 / Sale price 40% off. This gentle-faced warbler sculpture will be a delightful addition to your art collection. His perky face is complemented by classy and unique plummage made of upcycled wool suitings. He is one of my favorite creations of 2015 because I think his colors, patterns and expression match the real bird perfectly. Most of the range of olive warblers is in the coniferous forests of Mexico, but they do breed in AZ and NM. This is considered a non-migratory species, but New Mexican populations leave the state from November through February. Plumage of males is mostly grey with a tawny orange head and breast. In females and juveniles, the orange is replaced by yellow and the facial black mask is more diffuse. Males sing throughout the year, delivering a clear whistling song from the top of the tree canopy.

Olive Warbler Cloth Doll

Peucedramus teaniatus

Body and clothes made of wool and silk. Polymer clay beak. Jointed arms and legs, wired hands. 2015.



Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts //Holiday Sale 2018