I grew up in rural New Mexico, south of Albuquerque, and learned to sew in Home Ec. classes and from family members. I’ve always felt an affinity for nature and decided to study microbiology and biochemistry at New Mexico State University. I went to graduate school at Arizona State University, where I worked with endangered species of native fishes, splitting my time between the genetics lab, work out in the field, and the sewing machine. I earned a Ph.D. in Biology and also managed to start a quilting guild at the university.

After moving to Illinois in 1998, I taught biology at the university level for six years, and during this time I realized how much I missed the West. I became more focused in following my own creative path when working with cloth, moved away from quilting (although I still make many quilts per year), and started making cloth figures. To maintain a connection with other enthusiasts, I teach a variety of classes that cover my diverse fiber-related interests: quilting, doll-making, nature/science as art, and natural dyeing workshops.

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P.O. Box 921 • Edwardsville, IL 62025