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Do you take commissions?

At this time, I’ve chosen not to do custom work. I feel that I do my best and most interesting work when I feel no pressure to complete a figure or when I’m conscious of the specific desires of potential customers. I am open to suggestions; if there is a species you would like to see, I will make a note of it. However, I do limit my work to those species native to western United States.

Where do you get your fabrics & embellishments?

The primary medium for my artwork is recycled clothing (mainly wool and silk). Creation of cloth figures also requires use of wire, closed cell foam, buttons, polyfil and other typical materials. I create most of the embellishments myself using a variety of techniques: crochet, beading, quilting, fabric manipulation and just plain ’ole experimentation.

How do I care for my artwork?

The main concerns for fiber art are dust and sunlight. Figures can be gently patted and brushed to remove surface dust. All artwork should be displayed out of direct sunlight as most colors will fade over time and silks will degrade.

How long does it take to make a figure?

I usually make a set of 10 at a time, and depending on the complexity of heads and costumes, it takes about three weeks to finish. However, a large portion is waiting time (glue drying, dye setting, etc.). I start with general sketches for each figure, then make all similar components at once (heads, arms, etc.). Construction progresses for all figures in a set at the same time, even though I may be making 10 different species.

Can I purchase beetles by themselves?

Yes. Occasionally, I set aside a few beetles and make them into brooches.Visit my Etsy site to see what is available.

Is it okay to give one of the dolls to a child?

Although the figures are quite sturdy and constructed using traditional doll-making techniques, they are artworks, and are not child safe. All figures have small components (including their button joints) which could be removed and become choking hazards. These dolls are not made to withstand the rigors of a child’s play.

How are the figures displayed in a home?

All figures have hanging loops in the back; they may be displayed on a wall. Many others have fully jointed legs and these figures may be posed on pedestals. All textile art should be kept out of direct sunlight.

What does Agosia Arts mean?

My business is named after the minnow Agosia chrysogaster. My doctoral work was based on the genetic analyses of remaining populations of this species in Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico. Nearly ubiquitous in remaining streams of the Gila drainage and in Mexico, it is one of the only Arizona native fishes doing well; however with those waterways disappearing and degrading, “doing well” doesn’t mean much. Agosia is a great little fish, tough and beautiful.

For more FAQs about the process of creating my figures, visit my blog.

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