This fellow is quirky and intelligent - he'll be a lifelong friend. He is wearing a form-fitting black wool jacket with a selection of necessary items at his waist. This doll has an elegant, good-natured face that reflects the style of the real animal. All black, except for the base of its neck feathers, which are white, Chihuahuan Ravens are large conspicuous birds of the southwestern deserts. A typical scavenger, its diet is varied depending on season and location. As with other corvids, they are very intelligent and creative. In the 1930s, ravens in southwestern NM were notorious for stealing telephone wire to build nests. According to one historical reference, nests are usually poorly constructed affairs; "...composed of twigs, cattle hair, bark, grass, they are extremely filthy and smell horribly".

Chihuahuan Raven | Southwestern Artdoll

Corvus crytoleucas

Body and clothes made of wool and silk fabrics. Polymer beak; tool belt with book. Button jointed arms and legs. 2019

18 x 6 x 5 iches


Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts //Autumn 2019