Skunks don't get much love and I don't know why. They are smart, adaptable and beautiful. One of my favorite art dolls to make, this example won Best in Show in a Black and White Exhibition in Indiana. Spotted Skunks are not as well known as the striped variety, but they are easy to identify. It is much smaller than other species and has spots instead of stripes. It is is most common in rocky, riparian canyons, and seems to prefer areas with thick vegetation. All skunks are omnivores and opportunistic feeders. The spotted skunk is the only one able to climb trees, greatly expanding its foraging opportunities. The only major predator for skunks are great horned owls, which have no sense of smell. For other animals determined to harass a skunk, they give plenty of warning of their intent to spray, stamping their feet, and in the case of the spotted skunk, doing a handstand before spraying.

Comical Spotted Skunk Art Doll

Spilogale putoris

Body and clothes made of wool. Hand-crocheted coat. Button-jointed arms and legs. Wired hands. 2016



Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts //Spring 2019