Everyone thinks mice are sweet and cute, but this fellow is the exception to the rule. The Grasshopper Mouse is one of the most voracious mammals in the desert. This is an efficient predator, killing other mice with a bite to the back of the neck, and biting the stingers off scorpions before consuming them. They also prey on pinacate beetles that secrete defensive chemicals from the tip of the abdomen, by jamming it butt first into the ground and then eating the "good" parts. Of the three species of grasshopper mice, the southern mouse inhabits the driest regions. Although it does not have the physiological adaptations of other desert rodents, it may be able to get enough water from the bodies of its prey to live without drinking water.

Elegant Grasshopper Mouse Art Doll

Onchomys torridus

Body and clothes made of wool. Vintage silk jacket. Wire scorpian. Button-jointed arms and legs. Wired hands. 2019



Carmen Alana Tibbets' Agosia Arts //Fall 2022